Select conference presentations

Meme Through This: The radical potential of Instagram’s mental health peer networks. Paper presented at the UnDisciplined Conference at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada, April, 2019.

Making memes out of sadness: Turning depression and humiliation into rebloggable content. Paper presented at Capacious: Affect Inquiry / Making Space conference at Millersville University, Lancaster, PA, August, 2018.

Depression, anxiety, and teenage girls: Examining discourses of mental health in Seventeen. Paper presented at the Big Ten Mini-Conference. University of Wisconsin School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Madison, WI, April, 2018.

Tumblr’s Sad Girls: An Alternative Community for Girls’ Mental Health? Paper presented at the National Women's Studies Association's Annual ConferenceBaltimore, MD, November, 2017.

Virtual Negative Affects: Social Media Sad Girls and the Normalization of Sad States of Being. Paper presented at the Converging Narratives: Besieged and Transgressive Bodies conference. University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, April, 2017.

Mad on television: Popular culture and shifting attitudes toward mental illness. Paper presented at the AEJMC Midwinter Conference 2017. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, March, 2017.

The Changing Face of Female Madness: Hysterics, Schizophrenics, and Ms. Prozacs. Paper presented at the USC Annenberg Summer Doctoral Institute on Difference in Media & Culture, Los Angeles, CA, June, 2016.

The First Amendment and Social Media: Should Communication Corporations be Responsible for Protecting Freedom of Expression? Paper presented at the Freedom of Expression Division's Top Papers Panel, at the National Communication Association 101st Annual Convention. Las Vegas, NV, November, 2015.

Sad to the Core: Creating Collectivity around Everyday Sadness. Paper presented at the Affect Theory Conference: Worldings / Tensions / Futures. Millersville University, Lancaster, PA, October, 2015. 

Subversive Online Identities – Tumblr, Feminism, and the Radical Potential of Unrestricted Social Network Sites. Paper presented at the Theorizing the Web Conference, Brooklyn, NY, April.

Tumblr Feminism: "Feminist Makeupping" (case study from master's thesis). Paper presented at the Console-ing Passions Conference, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, April, 2014

Tumblr Feminism (presentation of early stages of master's thesis). Paper presented at the NYU Neil Postman Graduate Conference, New York, NY, February